Tuesday, April 07, 2009

no real answer

i should go on record as saying that i support the second amendment wholeheartedly. yep. i have never owned a gun but i recognize the need for one as recognized by the founding fathers- and by the simple virtue that i may need to arm myself against my neighbors one of these days. i don't personally see the need for citizens to have uzis and ak 47s myself, but freedom comes with risks. in the wake of the mass murders over the last month- and indeed, the last decade or so- there has been increased talk of gun control and stricter regulation.

my personal thought- we should start enforcing the anti-terrorism and treason laws first. throwing red meat to ravenous, crazy beasts- cause the predictable reactions. of course, faux news and the rightwing nutjobs don't explain every shooting- in an alleged free society, we take risks. unfortunately, sometimes things end badly.


Spadoman said...

I also believe that we must have the right as citizens to keep and bear arms. I don't own a gun. I used to hunt, but haven't since 1984. I kept the shotgun back then and sold the rifle. Then, I sold the shotgun around 1989. 20 years without a firearm. Yet I believe in this right.

I guess one thing about gun control is that those that want to get a gun to do harm with it wouldn't get it in the conventional way. They wouldn't be registered anyway. The last administration was the best case for anti-gun registration. They wer taking people off of planes and wouldn't let them fly if their thoughts opposed the government and they protested the war. Imagine if they declared marshall law and confiscated all the registered guns?

Sachiko said...

As I say in my article on this topic (click on my name to see it), Americans really don't seem to understand that the "right to bear arms" is totally unnecessary, as the rest of the civilised world gets along just fine without it, and with a hell of a lot less gun-related and other violent crime to boot. Gun control has been shown to work in all the countries that have it, whereas America's (lack of) gun laws clearly do not work.