Monday, April 27, 2009

no internets yesterday

the cable company was having fits- and it was warm and sunny- so, i mowed the yard. most folks didn't realize i mowed the yard-- because they couldn't hear me :) mowing is a good workout- very good cardio and works the arms, legs, shoulders and back. bet you didn't know that :) going to go to the fam's today and do it again. also, going to grid the garden so i can plant starting wednesday. i have a feeling we won't have any more frost.


fjb said...

I chose to have no internets yesterday, and very limited on Saturday.:) Got the veggie garden weeded and turned by hand. No tillers in this yard other than the damn bantees. I now remember I have muscles I haven't used all winter.:) You're seeding already? I've got another couple of weeks before I dare.

Transplanted a bunch of perennials and planted some mock orange I rooted last fall, too. Phew, good thing I'm working today, I need a rest.:)

Pagan Sphinx said...

What a cool mower. I hope sometime you can post more about it (or use this post) and connect it to Think Green Thursday. This is the kind of thing I'm looking for; not just pictures of green things.

betmo said...

pagan dearie- i will do my best :) feel free to snag posts you find interesting from my got green? site and link to them too. :)