Wednesday, April 01, 2009


mom was listening to hannity a day or so ago- yes, his radio show is still on am for any of you brave souls who dare- and folks kept bandying about 'tea party' and 'secession' so i googled it. yep. there is a small movement growing with these 'tea parties' that wants the south- notably tex-ass- to secede. all of this is on the down low of course- but diarhea of the mouth tends to ooze out in dribs and drabs. april 15th the tea folks are planning mass protests in big cities- and small- around the country. allegedly, to protest big government- ahem, sorry- liberal government in washington. now, i summarily dismissed them as the nut jobs that they are- but anything that malkin and hannity try to keep hushed but support- is up to no good. just sayin'. i would let them have their tea parties but they can't be trusted and i have learned not to believe in coincidence.


an average patriot said...



Actually it was just before Christmas of 2008, when about 12 states started this action.

My home-state of Michigan was one of the first; it appears both Arizona and Nevada are pondering it (by now, they may have taken action), but at last count there were about 12 state proposing to remove themselves from the union; another 8 or so were 'pondering it'.

Like I told my sisters who live in Michigan (with my mother and brother as well), the citizens of the state better think about the ramifications of this; they'll lose all federal benefits (including social security; disability, and Medicare/Medicaid), so their states had better be able to replace those entitlements without skipping a beat.

The highways that all of us use, require maintenance - no doubt, if one isn't a resident of a state that is in in the union, they'll be charged fees and tolls to use the federal highways.

Interstate trucking; supplies for this country, etc., would end up having to charge 'import' fees; the dissenting states would probably end up being charged 'export fees', and I think it will be a big mistake in the long-term.

Just a few of my thoughts on this...........

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