Thursday, April 16, 2009

how very milton friedmanesque

ahhh... unbridled capitalism. wealth, wealth, wealth. this particular story has less to do with arabism and more to do with greed. what struck me was the fact that this could be anyone anywhere on the planet- and it has all of the same elements- power, greed, wealth and complete disregard for the planet or the people. dubai happens to be a microcosm but if you look at the 'expats' nationalities and the 'worker' class nationalities- you can pretty much move the push pin anywhere on the global map. think about the administration we just got rid of- and their attitudes- pollution is fine; certain people mean less; torture is fine... and there are wealthy folks IN AMERICA who 'own' nannies. i don't know if there are words to express the way i feel about this.

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Brother Tim said...

"@#*!&#" or "Aaaarrrrrrrgghhh"