Thursday, April 02, 2009

gift giving

i am all about gift giving- when i am feeling generous. see, gift giving is about wanting to GIVE someone a gift- for no reason or whatever reason you choose. my husband and i don't give each other gifts for holidays as a rule. with a few exceptions- birthday for example. why? because we give each other gifts when we feel like it. it's nice to commemorate special events- but we do so through spending time and enjoying good food and beverage or a movie.

my other philosophy on gift giving- the gift should be something that the receiver would want or need. not me. and i hate token gifts. hate them. what's the point. i hate grab bags and i hate doing cmas on a limit. irritates the crap out of me. if i am going to get my buddy dan'l a gift, for example, i know he really likes his weather station and lawn tools :) i may get him an accessory to go along with that- but i do know he won't need a pair of gloves or an ice scraper. i hate token gifts.

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