Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fingers crossed, fingers crossed...

Undeniable Liberalism: Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose

cheney left policy mole behind to effect obama's policies

feith 'i was a major player'

hersh: u.s. carried out assassinations worldwide

pnac revives itself- with new name of course

limbaugh tells nyc to 'drop dead'


Pagan Sphinx said...

Hey, Bet

I went to Undeniable Liberalism. Looks like a good politics blog and funny, too.

How can Cheney get away with publicly speaking about atrocities he was responsible for, that are punishable war crimes??? Asshole.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"cheney left policy mole behind to effect obama's policies"

Somebody's seeing ghosts fueled by fear the evil man. Names!! Positions!! Of all those stay behinds.