Monday, November 10, 2008

welcome back to reality

it is a monday morning- and i have a whole google reader full of goodies. but i wanted to start out by saying this- we cannot rest. we are all relieved that obama won but the reality is- nothing has changed yet but our attitudes. i am tired and i know all of us are tired but we must not let our guard down. why? well, propostition 8 and it's counterparts in other states for one. the religious right is looking to close the power vacuum in the republican party and the mormons and catholics poured millions of dollars into california and arizona to ban same sex marriage. america has the bill of rights that states that we have freedom of religion for sure- but we also have freedom from state religion. this is not and never has been- a christian nation. this nation was built on the promise that all men are created equal and have the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. but you don't have to take my word- here are only a couple of newsy items to drive the point home:

misinformation on 'the view' from (surprise, surprise) hasslebitch and the other dumb one

bill kristol revives pnac- yep.

barack obama and his administration cannot fight our battles for us. it was proven in a landslide- that americans are not only- NOT right of center as a whole- but that we are sick and tired of the hasslebitches and the oreillys and the hannitys who are spreading poison throughout the country. the entire world cheered to be rid of the right wing- why on this earth would we want to go back to the way things were? these asshats may not be done raping and pillaging our globe's resources and putting everything into the hands of a few- ala feudal society- but we are more than done with them doing it.

obama can't do this alone. we, the people, must take an active role in rebuilding this country and our remaking our reputation by repudiating torture and war, redistributing wealth and resources to people in need around the globe, and repairing diplomatic ties with our allies and enemies alike. whether folks believe that global climate change is man made or not- is frankly irrelevent. it is here and it is making changes to the planet in spite of our desire for it not to. we really need to rethink our entire way of life and realize that we have to change. consumeristic capitalism is over. learning basic survival skills is a must.

so what can we do to work towards rebuilding america? get involved. millions volunteered their time in order to elect a different set of representatives to the american government- we need to stay active and stay involved in our own communities. volunteer at the election board to work for change in our election/voting system. the touch screen nightmares aren't going to go away. and if we can educate folks on what their voting rights really are- all of the misinformation fliers and dirty ads won't make a difference. work on getting a community garden plot started in your hometown. the harvest could be sold to folks who don't have much money and benefit the community by keeping good, fresh food local. push for composting at the local landfill- all of those leaves and yard waste collected weekly could be resold as garden compost and locals could buy at a discounted rate as incentive to grow their own food- just pick an area that speaks to you and get involved.

we have a real opportunity here. we can either sit back and let others have control as we have done for at least the last 3 decades- or we can take control back of our lives and our country and lead the way into the 21st century. the obama campaign showed us who have so very cynical that folks do want change. many are not sure how to get started or are too shy to start on their own- but if someone else steps up- they will follow. why not let it be us instead of the right? after all, we are supposed to be the progressive ones.


Fran said...

I was hearing some right winger (whip Eric Compton) prattle on about not letting Obama go too far to the left... as if progressive actions are "bad"..... I found myself thinking listen pal-- the political spectrum of right does not automatically equate to actually being right. I am sick of the far right agenda & for so long, that out of control criminal crap. As far as I am concerned-- we can;t swing far enough left, and the sooner the better. Obama will blaze through all those nasty signing statements... because those can be reversed & changed without going through Congress. Bush abused that avenue & now it is going to get fixed.

Also giving due process to the Gitmo prisoners & shutting it down. Thanks god that is one of Obamas priorities. We've not just been living with right leaning policies, but rogue madmen breaking laws both domestic & international, every step of the way.

That & he can prattle on however he wants, but wake up & see the layout (house whip).... you live in a solid Democratic majority now.
The tables are turned. We the people wanted it that way.

Intrepid Flame said...

Well done. One of the best posts you have written in a while.

an average patriot said...

Barack already has a list of 200 items on his list of damage to our America and the Constitution to rescind as he endeavors to undo bush's mis legacy! Even as Bush pundits push to make the damage permanent! Now is not the time to rest. Now is the time to start moving the agenda forward!

betmo said...

bz- honey- it is one of the only posts i have written in awhile :) but thanks. :)

fjb said...

You're on fire Bet, great post.:)

Time said...


WELL SAID !! Nice post.

Maybe Biden can go (under the radar) and ask Supreme Court Justices like Stevens to retire early so Obama can nominate a young, liberal, smart justice, or two.

Is that to much a "Rovian" political, cynical idea?