Thursday, October 09, 2008

when you have nothing to offer

it's very sad, but not entirely surprising, that the palin/mccain ticket is running out of steam. there is a significant amount of people in this country who fear change and are so fearful, they want to stop time and go backwards 'to a simpler time' when people had good old fashioned names like tony desilva or michael o'flannigan or william smith- and all of your neighbors looked like you. welcome to the 21st century sarah and john- and your minions. the census bureau has reported that the largest population explosion in america is happening within communities with names like jesus valdez and folks with names like condoleeza are 'movin' on up' from the 'hoods into suburban neighborhoods.

so, by all means gate yourselves in away from the hordes of 'the axis of evil'- brown folks, black folks and liberals. there are still plenty of 'joe six-packs' out there to whip into a frenzy at one of your racist, fearmongering, white supremacist rallies. it just shows how low you will stoop and the type of voter you want to attract. it isn't 'putting on the heels and taking off the gloves', it's an attempt at getting barack obama assassinated- and you know that. it is fear of losing your priveleged status in a country that allegedly reveres its 'melting pot' origins. and for folks who are supposed to revere semites as fellow 'children of god'- your ignorance fits right in with your couch potato 'hockey moms' and 'joe six packs' - because semites are not merely jews- but also muslims.

semite: "a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs." (emphasis mine).

using a political campaign to whip the bigots into voting is not a new tactic. fearmongering and hate baiting have been around forever. i think it's a sad testament to america- the nation that had presented an inclusive and welcoming image to the world- that we come off as so low and mean spirited in sound bites. the bottom line is this- the world is changing whether the palin supporters and the rest of the gop realizes it- and it will happen in spite of them. you can't stop time, and just because we worship the god of youth doesn't mean we don't get old. many generations have faced the unknown- and troubling futures- but they got through. we have many good leaders in history to thank for that-- and many piss poor leaders that got folks into the messes that caused the troubling futures. it's human nature.

what we have is an opportunity for decent leadership with obama/biden. at the very least, both men are intelligent and seem to be able to critically think. at the very least, both see the huge, looming issues that are facing america today- and the globe as a whole. that is not an endorsement of their platform from me- i don't agree with all of it. it is simply me being pragmatic. obama/biden will not be able to 'fix' anything. the best that we can hope for is that many of the dumbocrats who have ceded legislative power in order to become part of the executive branch- will be voted out. i am thinking in particular of pelosi. at the very least, americans need to have someone who at least resembles a leader- and obama does.

as for the palin/mccain ticket- even conservatives are waking up to the fact that the 'joe six pack' mentality is 'a fatal cancer to the gop.' in fact, i hope it is. the young people are helping to push this rigid, destructive mind set into the past where it belongs- and i really think that mccain embodies the old way. and palin embodies, well, here's the place where she's from- you tell me:

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