Thursday, October 02, 2008

not just oil and gas

palin was obviously picked for her ties to christians. she is an appeal to the money river that flows into the coffers of the rethuglican party by the faithful sheeple because of their belief in god- and apparently, sarah palin. the blogosphere is routinely criticized for holding these people in contempt- folks say it drives them to dig their heels in deeper and whatnot. i say- at this point, who really cares? these asshats are going to vote mccain because 1) they were told to by their shepherds and 2) they obviously are stupid. well, now, that's probably not fair. let's say willfully ignorant.

i don't speak for anyone other than myself. i am all about freedom of religious beliefs in america. it's part of what was our constitution. i am also all about keeping your damned religion to yourself. i certainly don't believe in fairytales and if you choose to- knock yourself out. just stay off the school boards, the city councils, the presidential elections and whatnot. i don't need you or your 'ministers' to tell me how to live my life according to a book that is made up of quaint stories and lovely poetry. and if you push it, and attempt to force it on me- you will receive the contempt and the anger and the resistance that you so richly deserve.

keep your bible and your beliefs in your own home and your own church. you may believe that god's will trumps man's- but since god doesn't really exist (as santa clause doesn't) it doesn't matter that you believe that in a secular society. it would be great if you just shut the hell up and went away but we all know that isn't going to happen. so, i have a feeling we are in for a scrap.


i found a link i was going to put in the post- but i couldn't remember which sexist republican had said it- i should have known it was haley barbour. natch.

"My wife loves her because...she doesn't have a chip on her shoulder like some women politicians, she is very 'normal' -- she doesn't have to tell you how smart she is. But she is a bonafide energy expert...Sarah Palin knows more about energy policy than the other three put together." Palin wouldn't have much work to do in foreign policy as Vice President, Barbour added, but just like Mississippi is more "sensitive" to hurricanes, for example, than Kansas, Alaska might be more "sensitive," he went on, to our "Cold War opponent" Russia by being closer to its border."

which other female pols? kay bailey hutchinson? liddy dole? olympia snowe? guess i wonder why the right wingers aren't all over this sexist remark in the press.


Intrepidflame said...

Great post. You are really fine tuning your voice. It is great to see your growth as a writer.

Mariamariacuchita said...

I think there is going to be a landslide for Obama...the momentum is growing. The electoral votes are now 353 for Obama and 185 for McCain. and the Gallup poles and Rassmussen has Obama pulling ahead by almost a point every other day.

But, if you are watching the debates tonight, why not play Palin Bingo?

an average patriot said...

Well said Betmo! What stinks is it is being sanctioned by the very Government that will soon totally control us I am afraid!

John Good said...

I'm agnostic myself, but I must say that these "beleivers" are clueless about the real message and teachings of Christ. In fact, they're much closer to the Romans!