Tuesday, October 14, 2008

newsy roundup

i like to start my day with cleaning out the google reader as best as i can. a few lucky souls get links emailed directly to them ;) but the rest of you get to read my fascinating and scintillating prose :) these are a few links i found interesting:

bush signs law creating 'copywrite czar'- but since it protects 'intellectual property rights' i suppose it's apropos he didn't realize he was signing it.

as if poor sarah palin didn't have enough ethics scandals to lie about- her house, and apparently much of wasilla, has been found to be part of a larger cronyism scandal. yep- she and todd doled out favors- and jobs to the folks who gave her campaign money. and yet, she still tries to distance herself from stevens. sigh. she isn't even good at being a corrupt politician.

something that no one is asking obama or mccain- are you going to rebalance the imperial presidency with the other 2 branches of government? america has had enough of the reagan/cheney doctrine of the president is emperor of the world.

the last articles deal with food. americans have never really had a shortage before. well, since we export much of our foodstuffs- we should look to food shortages at the grocery store. it is more important than ever to learn subsistance living skills. trust me- things are going to get worse before they get better and anyone with a pot and some dirt can grow some food.

dear mr. next prez- food, food, food

record numbers of people looking for food

demand up for free/reduced school lunches

if this country goes bellyup and bankrupt- there won't be the social programs safety nets. let that one sink in for a moment and think about hordes of starving folks looking for food. think about it in our nice, safe suburban nests.


an average patriot said...

You are a trip! I am going through your posts as I have a moment and I can't believe how much you are doing. I was just watching the Naomi Klein video at Brothers and I wanted to turn him on to the over an hour version I read somewhere and I thought maybe here. Oh well take care we'll be in touch!

fjb said...

Up here in the country with supposedly one of the strongest economies in the world right now, one of the most common things people tend to steal during a B and E is food, in my neighborhood. We're already there ahead of you, Bet.