Monday, October 06, 2008

joe biden

read here- my three cents

"This is when she fled 1,000 miles away to a city she never lived in, knew nothing about and knew nobody in. Her story has a good ending - she got counseling for the kids, changed their names, enrolled them in school and got a job.

But the hell that she had to endure would have been very different, and many women today would have to endure the same “do nothing until he tries to kill you again” mentality that existed at the time, if it wasn’t for the landmark legislation that Joe Biden was responsible for.

Because of that legislation, there are now shelters that battered women can turn to, there are hotlines and thousands of lawyers available and there is coordination between states and localities with respect to responding to domestic violence and rape - literally hundreds of new laws.

No woman should have to go through what she did. Not even close. Thankfully, she was able to start her life anew - to whatever extent someone that had to deal with years of such severe abuse can “start anew”. But at least she is alive.

It could have ended very differently if she didn’t get lucky and didn’t flee the way she did. And for millions of other women today, they don’t have to endure the living hell that she went through.

Joe Biden is a large reason why."


John Good said...

Betmo - As a Siren and just as a strong female voice in the blog-o-hood, I'm glad to hear you speak of Joe's service to women. It goes unheard in the MSM.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I hate posts like this, for a very selfish reason. They make me hurt inside. I had an opportunity to work in
such a place as you mention. I almost quit school because of that experience. But that's the selfish part, talking about "Me."

The horrors I saw walk thru that door will live with me all my life. The terrifying fear you could just feel pulsating from their body, being just a few feet, sometimes just inches away from a battered and profusely bleeding human being screaming in pain and anger....and realizing it was another human being had created that suffering......

Prior to the hard work of Biden, they simply endured, with no options - or died. I am not a Biden fan. But if I could somehow show your readers like I saw, the pain, agony, fear, anger...all those emotions that walked thru that door every day by the dozens.... I don't even like Joe Biden. But I know his efforts were beyond reproach. I saw the results, in full color, up close and personal.