Thursday, October 23, 2008

it's that time of year again

where i am running out of steam- and things to say. i am going to be exceedingly grateful when the elections are over- but much work still remains. it worries me that so many people don't realize that we are indeed fighting 3 wars- 2 foreign and 1 domestic. you have to look at the bigger picture to realize that america is no longer a democratic republic- and her citizens only too gleefully assisted in that happening. it is easy to blame rove and cheney and gonzalez but it wasn't just them- thousands, nay millions, participated- from joe the plumber who voted republican to the interns and volunteers at the think tanks who researched and helped come up with 'strategery' to the federal workers who carried out their jobs and believed themselves patriots. we have people in this country who work for homeland security- because it's their job. they execute their job without a second thought- without any hesitation. we have lawyers in this country tying up the court systems in order to disenfranchise millions of voters- because they aren't worthy to vote due to race, class, and party affiliation.

but these people aren't foreigners- they are fellow americans. they are our neighbors, some are our co-workers, some are our family members. and they believe that they are doing their job or being patriotic americans. and we are fighting tooth and nail to contain the damage and repair what's left of the constitution. we will run out of steam before they will- we are the outsiders in their minds. anyone who has studied war realizes that the invaders rarely hold occupied territory forever. it brought down the british empire- and it is bringing america to its knees. so, prepare as best as you can for the siege- things are going to get really ugly soon.


Brother Tim said...

And they are all bought with filthy lucre.

That's why there will be no problem enacting martial law. Many people will be willing to kill their own mothers for the priviledge of having a position of authority. Hell, watch any of the many COPS or SWAT TV shows. Give them guns and badges, and they think they're gods.

Frederick said...

My traffic picks up from now through April, so I feel a bit more compelled to post. I think I got 9 posts out the whole month of August. So much depends on the weather...