Thursday, October 16, 2008

i would love to beat this particular horse

until it's dead. i don't think 'live and let live' is going to cut it with these people anymore. i don't know exactly what to do about it- but i think we are going to have to collectively think about it. mccain sat in the debate last night smarmy as hell and said 'we have to change american culture'- i don't think he was talking about this:

racist gop mailing depicts obama surrounded by stereotypical 'black' foods

no, you see, mccain is 'proud of the people at his rallies' i mean they are 'the most patriotic', blah, blah, blah....

the post below this one and a couple down show how very christian and american these people are. these people represent the very worst of america- and it is because they are white, christian and right wing. there is no graciousness or human compassion in people on that side of the aisle. and there isn't on this side of the aisle when it comes to people like that. you know what, the time has come for good people to stand up to this ilk and start fighting back. they want a war- and we should bring it on.


Wally da Weasel said...

You're starting to sound like Brother Tim.

Naj said...

Hi Betmo,
Thank you for not giving up on me and your encouraging understanding words every now and again.

Reading this made me think of an encounter i recently had with a Zoroasterian Pakistani Texan citizen! She was saying horrendous things like:
"The american navy's sent me an email that the reason why Obama wants to become president is to swear on Koran!"
"America's face is white; i hope they won't elect a black"

Now that, coming from a "brown" person was very shocking to me. But that gave me a sense of how DEEP stupidity runs; and that it is not necessarily an "american" problem! Many of the immigrants are FAR WORSE the nth generation American in their racist way of thinking. As if blending in the melting pot makes them even more zealous!

I just hope this demented fool (McKain) won't get a chance to die on us and leave the world with the betcha/gutcha bitch!