Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i got good news and not so much

the good news- alaskan young people are banding together to push for mandatory sex ed. apparently, they realize what sarah palin does not- babies aren't found in a snow bank.

the bad news- for kit bond anyway- he apparently took the sarah palin approach to personal vendettas and is now implicated in firing a us attorney because he wouldn't use his influence in a personal matter for bond. i guess this type of thing is as epidemic with rethugs as gay sex and pedophilia.

the good news- dennis k.- he always brightens my day :)

the bad news- america's nightmare overall


an average patriot said...

I mean this in a very complimentary way and I have said it before but with all that is happening you have turned out to be a pleasant stalwart surprise.
Funny but you know I have discussed numerous times everything an Gatto's report. There are no surprises here. The Fascist scum are not going to give up their agenda or power as they are too far along and the abusive power gained will never be allowed in our hands.
The only question to me is how are they going to steal this one and if they fail Executive order 51 will be en placed. I have had to limit my truth on some sites as they want to make believe thing will be fine. We will get through in one way or the other but things will never be fine again!

betmo said...

funny you should ask jim- i did a story at sirens and suzie q- hang on i'll get the link:

make sure that the link is all on one line in order for it to work- or head over to sirens and look for the story- hacking their way to a win. there's a story online somewhere- i don't remember where i saw it- that said that there are at least 30 different ways the rethugs are using to steal votes away. it's going to be a tough ride. i see tons of stuff every day in the online news that i don't print about- that i believe- but can't independently corroborate. it's a scary place and time to be. only the strong will survive.