Tuesday, October 07, 2008

i am perplexed

folks in this country- left and right- continue to talk about the failings of bushco and the rethugs in washington. they talk about their time in power- as if these people gave a shit about americans. what rank and filers aren't grasping- or maybe don't want to grasp- is that the people who 'aspire to public office' for the most part are only interested in the power. and that holds true whether it's local or national. 'all politics is local' i think is the phrase- take a peek. this country is in the shape it's in because we, the people, trusted that our 'elected' officials had our best interests at heart. we believed that these people cared about the country and wanted things to get done for the betterment of america. they didn't and don't. it's that simple. the rich have gotten significantly richer and the gated communities have sprung up to keep you and me away from them. the money doesn't 'trickle down'- it pools in one place.

um- have you awakened to the truth yet? what these people, for the most part (there are a handful who look to public service as a calling and not a path to power and riches) have been after- satisfying their own ambitions. are your streets pockmarked with potholes? are you having water main leaks at the water department? have bridges that have collapsed after spring thaws? tax cuts up the ying yang at the national level have transferred the burdens to locals- and many municipalities are simply going bankrupt.

but hey- our national treasury has been looted by the top tier rich folks and we have a huge military budget that diverts said monies to these folks while the world economies of 6 billion people goes down in flames. please- when you think about elections- keep it in the back of your mind- it doesn't matter if mayor smith is your next door neighbor (my former mayor lived down the street from me) that person is interested in being a big fish in a little pond and jumping upwards. sarah palin is a prime example of that.

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