Saturday, October 18, 2008

hope mccain is proud

"Surprise, shock and some fear in a local neighborhood, after an anti-Obama display is hung from a tree. The display is at a home at Symmes and Hicks Road in Fairfield.

And the person who put it there says the message isn't political, it's racist. Shawn Ley spoke with the man who isn't shy about his views.

There it is, right above the "McCain-Palin" sign: a make-shift ghost, hanging from a noose. A Barack Obama sign attached upside down. Obama's middle name: "Hussein" spray painted and misspelled above.

Mike Lunsford hung the ghost in his yard. He spoke to us off-camera, saying his views could hurt his employers business ... but he says make no mistake: He doesn't want an African American running the country.

Lunsford says he believes Barack Obama is not a "full blooded American." And he says the United States is a white, Christian nation - and only with white Christians should be in power. With Lunsford not willing to share his views on-camera:"

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an average patriot said...

That is sick isn't it? The more popular Obama gets the more the racism, fascism, and paranoid BS comes out. They are getting desperate and it will get much worse though I still firmly believe this one too will be stolen!

fjb said...

Ain't ignorant crackers grand! We've got a few of our own up here, too, so don't be thinking you're the only ones who have these shits living in your neighborhoods. There's plenty of David Duke lovers in B.C. and Alberta.

Border Explorer said...

God have mercy on us.