Wednesday, October 08, 2008

happy wednesday- we are over the hump

almost- since i haven't had my second cuppa yet. but i thought i would get the ball rolling- if obama gets elected and we get a clear democratic majority in the house and senate- and we can clear up some of the garbage in the judicial branch- we may want to turn our attention to pressuring someone to change the patriot act, the military commissions act- and all of those craptastical signing statements because look- by the time bushco is done- we are all going to be in a database somewhere:

maryland cops put nonviolent protesters on terrorism lists

if you are at all curious as to how the entire rest of the world may view our elections- i mean it is roughly 5 1/2 billion other folks i suppose- take a peek at mark morford's latest column- he links to a global electoral college.


UncommonSense said...

I'm working on my second cup now. Aaahh... that's the stuff.

I'm thinking of referring to myself from now on as "This One," in the third person.

As in: "Yes, thank you, This One would love a second helping of mashed potatoes." That would be cool, right? Right?

betmo said...

i think that that is a smashing idea :) and thanks to you for almost making me snort my second cuppa out of my nose this fine, fine morning :)

fjb said...

One of our news broadcasters did their own little poll the other day and if Obama was running in Canada, he would win by a landslide.

Ya, I guess we all must be dirty, liberal, commies up here. Oh well, I'm in good company.:)