Tuesday, October 21, 2008

guess she doesn't know what she's running for


Dusty said...

Saw it on MSNBC about 500 times today..bitch talks on a third grade level..what do ya expect? ;p

JollyRoger said...

"Queen of the Trailer Park?" "Grand Dame Wizard?"

WeezieLou said...

hadn't seen it...............the gosh darn only person in America who can really belt out a You Betcha?? (and, if elected, she's promised to learn how to say it in all 50 states of the World!)

David G said...

Hey, Betmo, just did a post on the lady in question which might bring a smile to your lips.

Hope all goes well with you. Only two weeks to go!


UncommonSense said...

And yet, all anybody seems to care about this morning is the cost of Palin's clothes.

This is at least the third time that Palin has demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding of the constitutionally defined duties of the vice president of the United States. She actually seems to think that the VP has legal authority to influence or even control the agenda of the U.S. Senate. I suppose she reached this conclusion by observing the way Dick Cheney has operated, and not knowing any better, thinks this is the what the constitution says. But she is wrong. Journalists should be saying she is wrong.

Instead, I heard Tamryn Whatever-her-name-is on MSNBC describe Palin's answer as not exactly accurate.

No, it's completely wrong. It is not possible to be more wrong than that.

The subsequent discussion was about the politics of Palin's latest gaffe.

But it's not a gaffe. It's a wrong answer. And she should know the right answer.

Sarah Palin is running for vice president of the United States, and she literally has no idea what a vice president does.

I would think that repeatedly failing to correctly describe the duties of the office you seek would disqualify you from that office. I would think that journalists would be sufficiently alarmed by Palin's repeated inability to describe those duties that they would explicitly question her qualifications for the job.

But I guess that's expecting too much. After all, she is wearing really expensive clothes.