Monday, October 13, 2008

elections, (s)elections, and world view

i am not sure this is the post i have running in my head- parts of it are. i haven't really endorsed obama/biden. it's mainly because i cannot get behind them 100% like i could dennis k.- because i don't agree with them on probably half of their platform. now, that is probably because i have the luxury of not having to deal with folks on the right side of the spectrum and they have to represent half. it is an imperfect system- to say the least. so, i suppose that in the absence of me feeling like i can fully endorse the democratic ticket, i have been pounding the republican ticket. because, really, they have nothing to defend and the the ugliness speaks for itself. i expect this behavior of politicians. it is unfortunate but true- that politicians know that the best way to win is to pit their supporters against the challenger's. nothing stokes a win like 'waging war' against the other side. and that's fine, i guess, as long as it's a war of words and not actual violence.

but what i continue to be baffled by- americans. and i really have no idea why i can't accept the raw, open ignorance, bigotry, mean spiritedness, racism, etc., that make up a large swath of the population. i guess it's because white folks are still the majority here. that fear and anger that you see out there on the wingnuts- it's on the inside of lefties too- we just hide it beneath political correctness and outright lies. at least they are honest about it- they bring monkey dolls to rallies and scream racial epithets at the press. not brilliant but honest. i guess i wonder how allegedly sentient beings can behave this way. yes, i know mccain and palin and their ilk stoke these fires- but if there wasn't any tinder, there wouldn't be a fire. that's the part i don't get.

the rethugs are campaigning all over america- palin is spreading her garbage from sea to shining sea- and lest we feel smug that it's only midwesterners or southerners who are racist- take a peek at her rallies on the coasts. socal is a hotbed, upstate new york printed 'osama' instead of obama- these people are everywhere- living next to us, working alongside of us, having meals and playdates with us and our children- these people may actually be us. and it isn't america i am worried about- because we will only change when it's forced upon us and these rigid thinkers are dead. i worry about a humanity that is so stunted and so willing to continue to believe that other living beings aren't worth as much as human beings. and a humanity that continues to believe that white human beings are worth more than any other living being.

skin deep- buddy guy

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