Friday, October 17, 2008

election news roundup with a sprinkle of iraq

i know racism exists and i know politicians manipulate racist folks for political gain. so far, it has been mostly on the right- but there are plenty of closet racists on the left despite our 'first black president' bill clinton. i just wanted to give you a summary of the reason that we must stay vigilant and continue to fight for whatever is left of our constitution and our civil liberties. prop 8 in california is looking to be defeated- but it's no done deal- and i would hope that we would all continue to bring the ugly out of the dark and into the light so that we can work to eradicate it.

greg palast- it's already stolen

republicans abuse prosecutorial power to intimidate voters

reporter assaulted at palin rally

private military contractors writing the news?

when all else fails in the mccain campaign- play up the race card. from limbaugh to palin supporters to the gop heads- they all are playing up the idea that a black family in the white house is horrible and evil. what exactly are they afraid of? deep rooted fears that black folks will treat white folks the way that they have been treated for 2 centuries? wouldn't that be poetic justice?

top tampa gop figure circulates email 'joke' about killing obama- hysterical

gop site endorses email smears 'waterboard obama'

team mccain robocalls- obama 'baby killer', 'terrorist', etc

cali gop uses racist flier in campaigning for mccain- claims 'food is food'

update: michael moore takes on the racists

update 2: letters threatening obama sent to florida offices with white powder

on the iraq front- oddly enough the obama plan 'vindicated' and is most likely going to be initiated

mccain top fundraiser implicated by congress as war profiteering

iraq wants inspections to find u.s. wmds- does this mean they get to hang bush?

laura bush calls for $14 million to restore iraq culture- um, she can take it from the banks- they have $700 billion to spare- or how about harry sargeant?

europe finally gets the upper hand back from america- maybe we won't have to spend millions to get culture here

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Dusty said...

I looked for that Obama foodstamp when KO talked about it the other night..glad you found it, so I can filch it. ;)

Lotta linkys in this post...gotta read em later...have a massive migraine.