Thursday, September 25, 2008

you know what democratic party?

fuck you

"Top congressional negotiators have announced that they have a "fundamental agreement" on a government bailout of the nation's financial system, granting extraordinary powers to the secretary of Treasury to purchase hundreds of billions in bad debt while attempting to stem foreclosures for homeowners struggling on Main Street." (emphasis mine)


wall street bailout plan breaks down

dodd calls it a 'disaster'

picture- alternet


SadButTrue said...

I think the term that's being used is 'agreement in principle' not fundamental agreement. Kinda contradictory for an agreement that has no details, is based on nothing, and was cobbled together by some of the least principled people anywhere.

Dusty said...

I read the Politico piece earlier and almost lost my lunch...but cheer up, all is not lost:

The deal isn't done and the Rethugs are the ones holding it up. Irony anyone?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Somewhere in between Clinton's last term, and now, the Democratic party completely evaporated. I used to think Clinton was God.

I now know he's Judas.