Thursday, September 11, 2008

without fear

"Without fear of the empire, I declare the U.S. ambassador 'persona non grata,'" Morales said in a speech at the presidential palace. He said he asked his foreign minister to send a diplomatic note to Ambassador Philip Goldberg telling the American to go home.


"without fear of the empire"- wow. just wow.


an average patriot said...

President Evo Morales called Monday on
the Bolivian Armed Forces to remain alert to confront internal and external
enemies, after the disclosure of new cases of US meddling in the Andean
nation, reported Prensa Latina.

The president highlighted the commitment of the military with the process of
democratic changes taking place in the country, which requires that the
soldiers receive further education.

During the opening of the school year at the Sergeants School of Cochabamba,
Morales rejected any effort to undermine unity and the nation’s prestige.

Morales ratified his confidence in the military to defend the constitution
and the integrity of Bolivian territory.

As a result of the recently revealed espionage plot organized by the US
Embassy in Bolivia, Morales declared US embassy security officer Vincent
Cooper as a “persona non grata.”

Evo Morales explained that Cooper violated Bolivia’s legal norms by asking
US students and Peace Corps workers to spy on Cuban and Venezuelan
collaborators in Bolivia.

Both the US Embassy and the State Department officially admitted to the
espionage campaign for which Ambassador Philip Goldberg should be held

The US Embassy will also need to explain its financial support for the
Police Policy Studies Council, a parallel intelligence service dedicated to
inciting destabilization campaigns.
also US Tax Dollars Foment Unrest in Bolivia
And don't forget Russian nuclear ships and Bombers just arrived in Venezuela for military exercises. Friggen thank you Bush

landsker said...

Morales was in Tehran just the other day, talking with the lads there. His words....
“The two revolutionary nations and the governments of Iran and Bolivia are natural allies.....

The Future Was Yesterday said...

He'll regret those words when he sobers up.:)