Wednesday, September 24, 2008

there are multilple reasons i don't live in the south

this is only one. please read the comments- or at least a few- below the article to get a real flavor of 'real' americans. you know- those middle americans who are the salt of the earth. odd, although i didn't read every single comment, i didn't see any of the christian right screaming about contraception or abortions. huh.

this is why i don't feel that there is real hope for america- these 'real' people are really, really stupid.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I rather doubt he had such grand notions as the Nazi's, as many of his commenter suggested. I see it more as a vocal expression of what middle class whites have been saying for a long time: "Them black bitches keep spitting out kids at this rate, and we'll all be on welfare!!"

Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, fuck me. They always blame it on poor women with children. I'm so freakin' sick of it.

The stupidity you speak about is abundant. I too want to embrace all Americans and see them as victims of our mutual circumstances. I worry too much about being labeled an elitist. I mean, it's so much the antithesis of the poverty I was born to and the life I lived a child of immigrants with factory jobs. I guess that's why I especially hate to be misunderstood about where I stand.

Anyway, I listened to a snippet of All Things Considered this morning. I just caught an "average American" interviewed, I don't know what state. He's asked about which party he supports. He says he supports McCain and Palin. Because Palin understands the needs and rights of hunters. Or something to that affect.

I say: whaaaaaaaa???? The economy is in a total shambles, we ALL stand to lose bigtime on this bailout, there are two wars going on,our infrastructure stinks, we need to explore clean, alternative sources of energy, we need to create jobs, the trade deficit is astronomical, the Planet is dying, there is famine and poisonous baby milk in China, the Bush People are grumbling about attacking Iran...what did I leave out? And this man is concerned about losing his right to hunt. Stupid. Really stupid.