Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thank you carol- well said

South by Southwest: "This is a crisis of leadership"

"The current crisis of leadership is partly our fault. We put these people in office without knowing the qualities of good leadership. My post's goal today has been to lay out a few of those key qualities, such as confronting reality, valuing the truth, exhibiting outstanding interpersonal skills, standing on principle, understanding compromise and conciliation, and being able to occasionally set aside ego. We will change a lot of leaders in the next few weeks; be careful about the qualities you look at when deciding."

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Carol Gee said...

My goodness, betmo, in bold type face, of all things. Thanks very much for spreading the message.
Voting is so important that we can't give up on it. And I completely agree that one's congressional votes are more important than those for President and Vice-President. It is just that votes for the latter are so much more "personal."