Sunday, September 07, 2008

the show must go on

"In any case, any belief that any of this means anything is missing the point. The actual election is not that important. The Show is the important thing. The Show builds consensus among the people for elite policies. The Show distracts people away from worrying about their serious job, family, health and financial problems. The Show manufactures consent for the governing process and provides post-election cover for the elite, no matter what happens. The Show makes people keep getting up in the morning, going to their jobs and paying their taxes. The Show engenders hope where no rational person could see hope."

big bad american- stop "the show," i want to get off

commenter on above post:

"It gets worse: Some months ago, up here in ‘previously marginally sane country’ (hint - due north of the continental US of A), sitting one evening in a busy pub/restaurant with three friends, I was surprise ‘attacked’, with much enthusiasm, by the question: “So who do you think’s gonna win the nomination?” This was just after Bill Clinton’s ‘other fraction’ had been hoisted into temporary first place by an electronic voting machine miracle in New Hampshire.

Now it was a noisy crowded place, not suitable for quiet tones or elongated dissertations. But I managed to say something like: “well actually, whoever combines superior covert operators with knowing how to kiss the right asses most fervently.”

Now it so happens that my companions said nothing in response. They looked rather stunned. So I managed to keep going a bit, and directed my remark to the person who had asked the question: “You see, there’s only a pretend democratic process going on. It’s actually a struggle between elite factions for power. They want you to get all excited about the process, and have people asking questions like the one you asked me. That means they’re doing a good job of manipulating people. ”

Still no response, people milling around, and I’m nearly shouting to make myself heard. “You know George Bush didn’t win either election, don’t you? ”

Okay, I got a little nod.

“So what makes you think after eight years of Bush there would be a legitimate election?”

Now they’re starting to glance around. Feeling a mite uncomfortable.

Then I took it right over the top: “You know like there were no 19 Arabs with box cutters hijacking those airplanes. There is no democracy.”

Close to social suicide. Where hast thou fled, oh buoyant spirit of the evening? .

But all was not lost. One of my companions did insist on paying for my beer. Though a bit gloomily."

h/t to dusterella for this find.

you can't speak the truth to people- it scares the bejesus out of them. most people are not used to the truth. they don't use it in their daily lives at their jobs, in their homes or with themselves. to do that would make them unhappy and we couldn't have that. there is no way to make true believers in anything disbelieve- believe me i have tried :) christian, republican, democrat or folks who think americans got talent- none can be swayed in their belief. and they will fight to the end for their belief.

it's too bad they won't fight for democracy as stubbornly.


an average patriot said...

You know I firmly believe this election too will be stolen one way or the other. Whether it is close or not calling it close is a guarantee that it will be stolen. This fascist agenda has gone too far they are not going to stop now or allow the now abusive power allowed in our hands!
Remember in New Hampshire when Edwards and Hillary or whoever it was question the machines because they didn't add up? They were told they could have a recount if they paid for it and they agreed. They never got it and it was forgotten about! Ohio also had problems.
I refuse to believe those machine are still around. They only are because as I remember before the first time the election was stolen the then President of Diebold bragged he could give the election to whoever he wanted. I guarantee this Right wing fascist agenda will not end here anyway you look at it!

Robert Rouse said...

The Sheeple only hear what makes them comfortable. The truth makes them squirm and they go into a defensive denial mode.

Time said...

I disagree, "the show" is NOT the most important, the election is!

The show is just that, and if you believe the B.S. you here during the show, you deserve to be HOODwinked.

The election legally decides who will have the power, and who's ideology we will have to live under (through Congressional laws or Presidential proclamations not subject to Congressional vote).

"The show" has been nothing but pandering lies from all sides. It's when they are in office, that we will have to suffer living under their decisions.

The politicians didn't steal the power from the people, the people abdicated their power by not involving themselves in the process, by misreading character and intentions, by allowing "special interests" to gain so much power, and by not educating themselves enough about the issues to know when they were being lied to.

The "show" can be fun, but it means nothing. Holding the power of office means everything.

I'm disappointed by the people who have been caught in Obama's hypnotic oratory, and think he's some kind of political messiah.

He's a better choice than McCain, but he's not a politician I'll kneel to.

The question is not how Obama's policies stand up against McCain's policies, but, if enacted, what will our government be like decades from now, with Obama's policies?

True government change won't happen because of one man. Change the way Congress writes laws, Change the way bureaucrats run government departments, Change priorities from politician's interests to the people's interests, end the influence money has in our political process, then you'll see change.

Is ANY candidate talking about these things?