Thursday, September 11, 2008


i am going to hazard a guess that most of us remember 7 years ago vividly. i worked with teenaged girls who had their own issues but we sat and talked about world events that day. they transcended daily life for days after. it didn't occur to me at that point to question anything we were being fed by the white house or the media and i was supportive of the effort going into afghanistan. that changed almost instantly. it wasn't because i felt that america was wrong to go after bin laden- it was the word after that that stopped me cold-- iraq.

it has only been since i began researching the corrupt leaders who have squatted in the white house for the last 8 years or so that i began to question the original story of how 9/11 happened. do i believe that the towers fell? yep. do i believe that the pentagon was hit? yep. do i believe middle eastern folks were used as hijackers? yep. hell, until recently, i even believed bin laden was involved. until i started piecing together facts that have leaked out of the administration and homeland security. many high level officials have begun to speak out about lies and secrecy from the admin. - from former fbi and cia agents to military personnel. google it- you'll find it.

what struck me recently is the fact that bin laden is a persona non grata. in fact, he has been so for years. bush himself said that finding bin laden wasn't a priority in 2006- and now, dana perrino says that bin laden wasn't the mastermind of 9/11.

so, he goes from being the prime suspect; to never being charged with 9/11 by the fbi; to not being a priority to not being the mastermind. huh.

so, tell me again why i shouldn't believe that an administration that has it's roots in the pnac movement and the neo con movement- an administration grounded in secrecy, corruption, staged photo ops, feeding news stories to the press, bullying, bribing, spying, manipulating other countries into invading sovereign nations- tell me why it is such a stretch to believe that they orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

the cia and the nsa have orchestrated attacks similar to these around the world. in fact, these organizations have had leaders overthrown- and usually assassinated- since their inceptions into the american government. working with a sympathetic arab nation, and pinning the blame on people who americans have been primed to hate- voila`! and now, we have an executive branch with considerable power and civil liberties shredded.

so, while we remember the innocents murdered on 9/11/01, bushco is gleefully celebrating their good fortune with disaster capitalism and toasting one another on a job well done.


fjb said...

Manifest Destiny, ain't it grand.:(

Manipulation of the masses, keeping them hating and scared was the Nazi's modus operandi, too. It doesn't matter how many innocents die, as long as the ends justify the means.

Dave Dubya said...

We suffer one 9-11, so we force Iraq to suffer a thousand 9-11's proportionately.

Now THAT'S terrorism! We're number one! USA! USA! USA!