Friday, September 12, 2008

a picture is worth a thousand words- why the controversy?

never one to give a rat's ass for offending sensitive viewpoints- i will however start my rambling with a disclaimer- to folks directly effected by the entire 9/11/01 murder spree- i am deeply sorry for your loss. and i truly mean it. having said that and now speaking to the rest of america-

get the fuck over it.

you aren't the ones who lost loved ones. what you have lost is your feeling that everything is peaches and cream in the land of plenty. this national rolling around and wallowing in self pity over lost innocence and whatever the fuck- please. grow up. all of us were effected by 9/11 seven years ago. say it with me now- seven years ago. we have to move on and deal with the fact that at the very least- our government who has squatted in our white house for the past 8 years- took advantage of 9/11 to shred the constitution and more probably helped orchestrate it to do precisely that. at this point, the only people reflecting on the anniversary of 9/11 should be the families effected because the rest of us should be fighting tooth and claw to restore the constitution- or otherwise the americans murdered died for what? i am sure that they believed in their country and i am sure that they would not appreciate being exploited for political gain.

there is no room for political correctness in america anymore. grow up already. i am so very tired of people not questioning anything- and doing what they are told like good little girls and boys- we are adults fuckwads. has anyone actually watched tv anymore? it's a laundry list of can'ts- ostensibly for our children (for those who aren't making the connection yet- yes, we are the children) who apparently, can utter four letter words but can't hear them on tv. or see violence of any kind- hence the non coverage on the news, i guess, of the flag draped coffins (not allowed to show that via the pentagon), the police brutality in st. paul (it was those damned protesters), the ice raids and roundups (damned illegals dontcha know), etc.

i don't advocate exploiting tragedies for political points and i don't feel that images should be used over and over for sensationalism. but there was a time when news covered news- and dan rather was actually in vietnam broadcasting footage back to show america the truth. now, i guess, we can't handle the truth-- or don't want to. and we just do as we are told. oops- need a permit to be allowed to protest or hold a rally- and hey even if you do have a permit- you can be arrested. have to have 10 forms of id just to be allowed into a polling place- and hey, if you didn't dot your 'i' the same way twice- you aren't allowed to vote. not allowed to go here or not allowed to do this or that or the other thing--- please tell me what exactly you are offended by?

h/t to blue gal


annie said...

agree wholeheartedly.

Brother Tim said...

I'll just say, "I agree with you". If I were to start expounding, I'd burn up Blogger's bandwidth.

PTCruiser said...

Well done, Betmo.

fjb said...