Sunday, September 28, 2008

more and more oozes out of the sewer

that is the mccain campaign. oh, sure, we all know his advisers are mostly corporates and lobbyists, and we know of his famous temper and the fact that he curses (and not just calling his wife names), well, apparently, he's also a gambler. yep. he especially enjoys gambling at joints he oversees as part of his congressional duties. yep. no conflict of interest there. anyone know the congressional rules on members gambling?


bluebloggin has some encouraging info on alaskans standing against palin. and fjb left a link of a blog that is devoted to alaskan info and politics- especially around the palin politics.


fjb said...

Here's a pick-me-up for the day. There's some very busy people in Alaska you might like to check out. The Mudflats. They're fighting to be heard and it looks like they're having success. The little flame they lit is turning into a firestorm. Not bad for a simple blog started by one woman, that went from nothing to a dedicated readership and support group of thousands per day, in just over a month!

David G said...

Hey, Betmo, great to see you plugging away. You must have a lot of drive and conviction to keep going as you do.

It's a shame there are not more Americans like you. But then, can you blame them? The indoctrination they've had is pretty awesome.

betmo said...

thanks for the link fjb- it's nice to know that the alaskans are standing against the propaganda machines of the msm.

david- yeah- i can blame them. really at this point, there's no excuse. and i don't know why i keep preaching to the choir- other than solidarity :)