Saturday, September 06, 2008

look who is a wee frightened of democracy

ron paul supporters' magical disappearance

could it be because he consistently draws thousands to his rallies while mcsame can't give tickets away? could it be because he speaks of changing the status quo while mcsame and plain advocate more of--- well, the same? apparently, ron paul was uninvited to the mcsame convention because he refused to take part in the propaganda- i mean 'rally for the republic.'

secret service take buttons, books from paul delegates


thepoetryman said...

while mcsame and plain advocate more of

I like that! McCain/Plain 2016!

an average patriot said...

This Fascist control that I didn't notice until Bush is only getting a lot worse under McCain! Sadly they are still at the point of calling this facade a Democracy. Wait until they openly admit to Fascist America, the new American order.
You know, I was at the VA yesterday and had a great conversation with my Doctor who is from Slovakia and she says all the countries over there realize that is happening but most Americans are clueless!
You may have seen it but Dems really get on Palin but they do not matter in this Fascist controlled agenda.
enigma had a good link about Palin but this one at Namaste of Palin calling Obama Sambo and much worse is horrible to us but the Fascist Republicans eat this up!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's when you dig down past the Ron Paul shown to the mass media and in the selection circus, that you begin to realize this man's electrical connections are not all going to ground!!

betmo said...

oh dan't it is irrelevant if paul is a nutcase :) that has never stopped folks from voting for people before. the bigger point is that he is a genuine threat to mccain- and they are doing to him what the dems are doing to mckinney and nader.