Tuesday, September 16, 2008


in case you are interested, blogger has a new feature- 'following'- where you can create a list in your dashboard of the blogs you follow. you can manually insert them by url or import from the google reader. i imported a few- and tried one by url- very easy. i put a 'follow' widget on my sidebar- so feel free to click it and try it out if you want- i haven't done that yet. basically, if the blog you follow has the widget- that's all you have to do to get started. otherwise, you can go in your dashboard and start there. it's neat. a bit redundant if you have a feed reader but it's nice to know that when you go to post- you have some followers :)


Dusty said...

I saw that feature the other day..as some one is following me..but they don't comment..evah!!

Is it a stalker? ;p

an average patriot said...

I have the old Blogger and don't know how to change it so I guess I have to live with this! I don't remember who it was but someone commented to me that they saw my Blog light up as just being updated and that is cool!

John Good said...

I feel like a stalker! Woohoo! =)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"but it's nice to know that when you go to post- you have some followers :)"
That's what David Koresh said too.:P Enough cheap, easy shots. As you know, I've been your groupie ever since you said you'd whip my ass if I didn't! :)

I have no problem following you.

Do you know where the hell you're going?:)