Sunday, August 10, 2008

red pill news

South by Southwest: Other Nations Today -- the battles unfold

i know, i know, american news is all atwitter with the distraction of the edwards affair- but if you want some real news- follow the link and take the red pill.


an average patriot said...

I have been writing about Georgia because Bush's instigation there is bearing fruit and Cheney will lose his oil pipeline. That is what it is all about for us.
Georgia pulled out of South Ossetia but Russia will not stop and is now saying their are mercenaries involved and they way be American.
Abkhazia has threatened to get involved as well as the Ukraine threatening a blockade of Russia's navy amongst others. This is just beginning! I was pissed listen to the chief idiot saying Russia must withdraw.
Who the hell does that scum think he is. He also said Russia cannot attack a sovereign nation. Ass hole! Only Bush can do that!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

After reading the link, I can only say once again that Carol is the best, and most consistent, educational writer I've ever read since I've been blogging. But her efforts go largely into thin air as the shallow sheeple go chasing for the latest...."What did Elizabeth know and when did she know it?........."

There are at least two reasons why Carol will probably never have a large readership:
1): She writes stuff that's not on Olbermann so 90% are clueless what she's talking about, and
2): what she writes requires real thinking, so that eliminates 90% of possible readers.....

I apologize for the wildly off track rant, but sometimes, this "comment" bullshit really pisses me off!

What the hell was your post about again?:)

Carol Gee said...

betmo, thanks loads for the link. I always appreciate your generosity.
average patriot, you are right about "pots calling kettles black," as the old cliche goes.
future, your are too kind. I write about what interests me, not for popularity. You are right that my readership is small, and it is even smaller than normal for all of us right now, for whatever reason.
Thanks for the good words.