Sunday, August 31, 2008

question of the day

how much truth can we handle?

i used to rail against people who were happily in denial. you know the folks who are still rah, rah for america and who believe that we are a democracy spreading democracy around the world. i am beginning to think i should let them be. the truth seekers have lost. most folks believe that this upcoming 'election' in america will be about change. i don't believe it will be. everything i thought i knew about america; everything i learned in my history and social studies classes- was lies. lies and propaganda. i thought i was beyond caring about that these days but apparently, i am not.

knowing that america fought in world war 2 against hitler's brutality and torture- and hirohito's brutality and torture- and then came home and was a part of that very brutality and torture in other countries- makes me so unbelievably sad. the realization dawning on me that the cold war was indeed about differing ideologies- but it had more to do with corporate interests and less about human rights- makes me so unbelievably sad. the fact that our country spawned the likes of milton friedman and the chicago school of economics that partnered with the right wing to cause do very much misery and suffering around the globe in the mid 20th century- and the same players are doing the same thing today in indonesia, south america (again) and now the middle east- makes me so unbelievably sad.

the fact that the tactics used then and now around the globe- the police state tactics- are being used here in america- well, the realization of that has brought me low. i know what's coming. these people don't have independent thought- they recycle from the past and what has worked for them- and the techniques that worked in indonesia and latin america- are being put into play in the middle east and now here- on the streets of america. people don't want to believe that. they want to believe that we can change it through our votes. and we can't. the corporations worked with the cia during the kennedy administration- covertly. he was killed because he couldn't be bought. it wasn't the mafia- it was big corporate interests. they came into their own under nixon- that era spawned the seeds for what we see today. and if you think things ended well for the left wing during that time period- well, i have swampland to sell ya.

make no mistake- these databases and whatnot are not for security. at least not in the sense that they are being touted. they are keeping tabs on the people who are most likely to try and fight back- rage against the machine. these folks will be rounded up in raids or with a knock on the door- and spirited away to be tortured with drugs and shock therapy at the very least. many will die. and the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer and the earth will finally have enough. whether big corporate likes it or not- their gravy train of profits will end. global climate change is real.

so, i picked the scab off the old wound of grieving for a country that never actually existed. go an dread naomi klein's 'the shock doctrine'- if you haven't already.


PTCruiser said...

You ROCK, Betmo!

Pagan Sphinx said...

It's a very bleak vision and one that I try in my heart and soul to side-step because if I face too head-on, I will shrivel up and die of sadness.

While I side-step much less than most and I try to live in the light, the bleakness is always there; lurking.

Unless Obama totally sells out, he will probably be shot. He wasn't my pick, to be honest. But that superstar appeal he is criticized for is also a huge threat. Jesus Christ Superstar anyone?

I do agree with you,my friend. This stuff has been happening ever since I was of an age where I strived to understand the political discussions of the adults in my world. My father, particularly. The U.S. superpower has always had, to some lesser or greater extent, fascist components to it.

Intrepidflame said...

After reading your post, I was not sad or disillusioned, but just the opposite. I was excited and hopeful. I remember when we first started to debate politics and to see your growth and change is inspiring. You have steadily educated yourself and come to realize that you have been lied to your entire life; the question is now what will you do with this betrayal? How will you spread the truth?

It’s a hard pill to swallow, when you come to realize that the country you were brainwashed to love is not the one that actually exists, especially when this nation has been touted as the human ideal for centuries now.

But the people, when awakened will always do what’s right, if given a chance. If told of these policies enough times, we can only hope that the people will act. They have been lulled into a stupor, but they can be awaken they always have. Do some research on Eugene Debbs and others like him in our American history.

Great to watch you grow betmo. The more we know the harder it becomes, but we must not stop learning!

Spadoman said...

After a long weekend of learning more "truths" about the real condition of this country and this government, I come away knowing that I will spend the rest of my life fighting for the truth and the change that needs to take place for people to actually be free.

The work continues in earnest on November 5th, no matter who is elected. And hopefully those that haven't yet stood up to be counted will figure out that they must do so.

Peace to All.

Brother Tim said...

All those databases ARE for security ---- security of the corporate/political elites. This country has gone down the tubes, Betmo, it's recovery by the citizens is a longshot at best.

As resources and opportunities become increasingly scarce, you will see selfishness and self-centeredness accelerate.

Very sad and depressing, indeed.

opit said...

I don't believe there will be much that's selective about repression : it's much more demoralizing to know the government is a erratic beast.
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