Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pyonyang 20016?

"Filmmaker Zhang Yimou, the ceremony's director, insisted in an interview with local media that suffering and sacrifice were required to pull off the Aug. 8 opening, which involved wrangling nearly 15,000 cast and crew. Only North Korea could have done it better, he said."

apparently, their 'uniformity' is better

but what a show!!! seriously, anyone who has done a stage production of anything knows the time and effort involved and when you are working with 15,000 people i am sure it is difficult to remember (or care) if they have been fed, watered and given potty breaks. oh, and sleep. i may not agree with the way china does things- but i am in no position to say anything about their human rights or violations. puts us in quite the pickle, eh?


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"pyonyang 20016?"
Gonna be a long damn wait!:P

"but what a show!!!"
Forced child laborers make breath taking works of art as well.

betmo said...

yeah- i meant 2016 :) little too much coffee i guess :)