Thursday, August 21, 2008


i am keeping this short because i am tired and i am going to retire for the evening. all i can say is- wtf? olympic speed walking? olympic bmx bike racing? i keep shaking my head. apparently, the olympics is going to drop softball next go round because the american teams have never lost. in fact, i am shaking my head right now. we have professional athletes performing at the olympics and the 'sports' chosen just boggle my mind. beach volleyball? water polo? sigh. it's just one big corporate nightmare.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

My wife is a big Olympic fan, namely the ballet stuff and the gymnastics, so if I want to spend time with her, it's while she watches Olympics.

The other night, this broad was just jumping up and down on a trampoline. That's all she was doing. After about ten or fifteen monotonous jumps of this nature, she does "one somersault flip" then gets off. That's it. Even my wife looked at me with raised eyebrows.

I told her it was Olympic PMS management.

The US girls softball team got whopped by the Japs.

landsker said...

Pleased to say that I have not spent one moment of my time watching the "Charades and Facades".
It is corporate sponsored greed and fallacious exhibitionism, a pinnacle of "bread and circuses".
How about olympic events in "feeding the hungry", or "eliminating poverty", instead of building stadiums and flag waving, how about housing the homeless, and shutting down sweatshops?

betmo said...

this spectacle is one of the most expensive in history to what end? 15,000 people participated in the opening ceremonies- at least one is paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries sustained- and many had to wear adult diapers because they weren't allowed to go to the bathroom. ridiculous. charade indeed. this uneasy feeling that people are getting in their stomachs- is from the realization that the whole planet is going about the charade of normalcy while the planet is changing so much that human life isn't going to be possible. but, hey, how does that compare with 'usa! usa!' at the olympics?

Mary said...

I caught that speed walking. I was shocked. How ridiculous!