Saturday, August 16, 2008


that it's the pot calling the kettle black

howard dean calls the republican party the 'white' party

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thepoetryman said...

It may have been a slip of the tongue or just a misplaced word, but it made sense in many ways. "The White Party"? Isn't there already a The White Party? Yes. I believe it caters to the LGBT communities. If that is the case Dean must have meant just "White Party" without the "The". Oh. Nope. That is P. Diddy’s “White Party.” he hosted a party of A-listers, socialites, and music-moguls alike flocking to the Hamptons wearing their finest in white haute couture. Okay. Maybe Dean meant the Arian party? :>o

Methinks we all know what he meant or didn't even mean to say, but the extremists in the republican party are running with it.