Tuesday, August 12, 2008

here's another

colorado news crew shoots video of cops beating man

police state 2008

arkansas town imposes 'martial law' lockdown


Anonymous said...

I was going to say standard police arrest for persons who resist. Then I watched it again, and saw the head knock I missed the first time. Not called for.

The lock down in AK sounds similar to what DC police are doing in the Trinidad neighborhood here. I agree and disagree with it. It's a fine line to walk, to say the least.

Brother Tim said...

Where will it all end?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Re Arkansas:
I experienced first hand, the riots in Detroit of 1967. I was living there.

To one group, the riots represented a statement to the world they weren't going to take alleged mistreatments anymore. To another group, the riots represented their city being ruled by total anarchy. Moderates of both groups called for massive police force, national guardsmen, even federal troops, although they never got involved.

As always happens, a few extremists on both sides stepped far over the line of decency, and got all the ink, radio, and TV for months.

Meanwhile, the moderates fought a fight they never wanted, or started, to save their city from burning completely down.

The ACLU, and other tree hugging groups, peed all over themselves for months after, but meanwhile, the rule of law was restored, and a city was saved from being a big BBQ pit.

One man's freedom fighter really is another man's terrorist. I remember a TV interview of a cop who had been shot several times, and was waiting to be loaded into the ambulance. He said, and the TV aired live despite the language: "Until some dipshits in this city start worrying about other people's rights as badly as they do their own, Detroit is fucked!"

He was simultaneously hailed as A heroic visionary, a traitor to his city, and jack booted Gestapo.

All by people who measured him against their own desired rights, and ignored the rights of others. In order to make an omelet, you always must break some eggs. A lot of eggs got broke in Detroit that year, but at least an omelet emerged that people could live with.

I don't endorse all of what was done in that Arkansas town, but I did learn the meaning of "until you've lived in those conditions" quite some time ago.

Monday morning quarterbacking is a leisurely activity. Playing in the game isn't.

thepoetryman said...

AK = Alaska

AR = Arkansas