Friday, August 08, 2008

further down the slippery slope

mayor's dogs gunned down in police raid


an average patriot said...

I saw a story on that this morning but just shook my friggen head and wondered about the specifics but I was working on McCain's crap about Obama.
I was just reading that and it blows me away! I can't believe they shot the dogs regardless. Anyway you look at it the Feds can just lie and will to cover themselves and do what they want. This friggen police state crap happens too often and it will get much worse.

an average patriot said...

I just caught the coverage on that. That was pretty screwed up. They knew the package was coming and when it was delivered out front the Mayor brought it in and thank God for him went right up stairs.
The cops knocked the door down, bound the Mother in Law and put her on the ground and shot the two dogs as they ran away.Man that was BS! Any drug trafficker could have had them delivered there to grab before an innocent home owner got them. That is standard. The cops say they did the right thing. Boy are we screwed!