Thursday, August 21, 2008

but video games are the problem

and tv and movies- i mean that's where kids learn violence is ok, right?


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"but video games are the problem"
They are a major contributer, yes. No one source is all to blame.

"Texas accounted for a quarter of the instances of corporal punishment in the 2006-2007 school year"
I'm no fan of Texas by any means, but I've gotta see some source citations on that number. Source citations period would be nice, for that matter.

""African-American students are punished at 1.4 times the rate that would be expected given their numbers in the student population"
Oh Jesus Christ! Tell Obama your fucking troubles!!

"Many liberal groups regard corporal punishment as a barbaric relic of an unenlightened past that harms self-esteem and promotes violence."
Many Liberal groups are barbaric relics of morons, too! So what? Apples plus Oranges equal.......????

""Every public school needs effective methods of discipline but beating kids teaches violence and it doesn't stop bad behavior," Farmer said."
News flash to "Farmer:" Not all "corporal punishment" as you bleeding heart idiot liberals insist on saying, is a beating. Much is actually a bonefide Spanking, with which there is absolutely nothing wrong, and when used properly, is a healthy educational tool in the child's life!!!!

Farmer needs to attend college, THEN write studies.

betmo said...

corporal punishment does not belong in schools. it's the 'spare the rod spoil the child' bullshit mentality and it isn't up to the public to use corporal punishment on each other's children. it just isn't. it stems from that bullshit christianity nonsense and especially grates on my nerve- i saw it in action when i was 5. the catholic nuns can't beat the snot out of kids anymore- this relic needs to go into history's dustbin as well.