Monday, July 14, 2008

well, good lord!

monday is almost over and i haven't stopped by here once today. i am not a big fan of summer- nope. never really have been. oh, maybe when i was like 5 and didn't know any better. when i worked with teens- i hated summer because there was no structure to their days and that's when they would get into trouble. summer is too long you see. summer is also hot and humid here in the northeast these days. apparently, with all of the changing weather patterns, our gulf stream thingy (help me out here dan) comes up higher. sigh. i am tired. well, when that jet stream- there got it!- comes up this high- we get the south's weather which- as all of ya'll folks down there can attest to- is hot and humid. when the jet stream isn't bothering from the south- we get the midwest's weather nowadays. i actually long for canada's weather. we used to get that blowing down but apparently, they are getting our weather.

isn't that what you talk about when making small talk? :)

anyhoo, i will be glad when summer is over. it is far too busy. all of those things that you were so very complacent about in the colder weather (and didn't matter that much) suddenly take on an urgency and everything has to be done at once. multiply that by 3- and you have my current state of affairs. :) hubby is just as busy as i am at work and then we both work our asses off on the weekends getting stuff settled and repaired and whatnot at the apartments and here. it has been alot. if we can make it through until september- things will slow down enough for me to catch my breath. i am so not doing the holidays this year either. no 800 packages in the mail. no millions of parties and whatnot- just simple meals and good company.

but nothing until after summer- sigh.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Those tomaters & other things you like so well grow a lot better when there's an arctic blast pouring down on you, too!:P

Know why weather is never "normal like it was when I was a kid?" anymore? Because we were kids. We had a shortened time of experience from which to draw our conclusions, not to mention those were the most formative years of our life, when we formed what would forever be "Right and Wrong" in our value system.

Git outside and get real! Git so dirty lumps of dirt fall out of your undies when you take them off. Get so sweaty the cats think you're a salt block, and your other half thinks you rotted.:) Git firehouse red sunburned. Take your shirt off and let it all...well, maybe not. Skip that part:P Lessin' they're really cute of course, then y'all can send me a video......:)

Be thankful you have the four seasons. We have one short, ugly, boring fall, then it's furnace time again.

Y'all should see my sun tan! I'm such a hunk now I charge for staring at me over the fence. I can't get out of the car in crowded malls cause I stop traffic! I can't....

seem to tell the truth anymore for some reason!:)