Saturday, July 19, 2008

sorry james

i think i might have a crush on another guy :)

" I admit to bafflement. I admit to a bit of total confusion mixed with a certain level of stupefied awe and teeth-rattling frustration as to why anyone with the mental acuity of more than a housefly would think that stabbing more holes into Alaska and the eastern seaboard in the search for a few remaining precious drops of oil is a good idea, would solve anything at all, is anything more than the equivalent of hurling matches at the devil."

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Dave Dubya said...


He's right! Our only hope is to round up all those aristocratic, despotic, and power-mad hippies who are destroying America.

Gitmo is too good for them. We need to make an example of them and waterboard them while deporting them by oil tanker to Siberia. Those who resist should be burned at the stake after being tarred and feathered.

Fascist scapegoating will become our final solution.

Hey, nothing is too crazy for a country that put Bush in the White House twice... and is on the verge of (s)electing McCain.

Brother Tim said...

My opinion-----Morford's got his head stuck up his arse.

Americans have become so polarized, they refuse to compromise. They have ALL turned into extremists, one side or the other. It's either drill till the earth collapses, or never drill another hole.

Morford made this idiotic statement: "All signs and every bit of data we have point to the glaring fact that, even if we sucked every available drop of oil from ANWR and the outer shelf and from every junior high school student in America, it would only be enough to satisfy our country's rapacious needs for a matter of months." Whaaaaaaaaaat?????

What kind of reporter has no access to Google? Last Sunday, Wally put up several links on his Soapbox, one of them being Gull Island in Prudhoe Bay, a field that has already been proven and capped off. A field that dwarfs Saudi Arabia's fields. A field that has 200 years worth of reserves.

No one wants to face up to the fact that the Federal Government has plenty of reserves, but wants to hold them back for fighting wars. It takes a lot of oil to execute war. Planes, tanks, Humvees, ships, etc, etc, don't run on solar panals. Even nuclear powered ships require massive amounts of oil and oil based products.