Tuesday, July 08, 2008

no thought at all

it's amazing to me that conservatives allege that they are the superiors of the species when every decision they make is completely stupid. take the 'war on drugs' started under nixon and flourishing under reagan- the only thing it did was create more governmental bureaucracy and generate profit for the military complex. did i mention the school of the americas?

so, it comes as a surprise to me that folks apparently have started wising up- this editorial from the new york times made it into my google reader via buzzflash:

"I am posting this NYT editorial because I was particularly impressed with the letters it generated. The writers correctly take the Times to task for its pro-foreign-military positions and refute the arguments of prohibitionists."

in light of the recent article about bolivia in national geographic, and the fact that opium growth is up in afghanistan and surrounding areas, i can say that we can chalk this up to another conservative failure for profit.

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