Wednesday, June 18, 2008

where i get my news

because i want the real stuff

mcclatchey- easing of laws that led to detainee abuse hatched in secret

alternet- california's trouble: rising seas, floods and droughts in forecast


informed comment- massive bomb burns market, kills, wounds 126

common dreams

the raw story- iraqis enraged by sewage in the streets

think progress- bush to urge lifting of offshore drilling ban


truthout- documents confirm us hid detainees from red cross


Pagan Sphinx said...

Thanks for reminding me about Common Dreams. I used to have bookmarked before my computer crashed. I'm trying to rebuild my bookmarks.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I try the best I can; Most news outlets get their news from the "AP wire", change around a few words or headline, and print it - or show it.

AP is the last organization to have any kind of a news gathering force (formerly called Reporters)of any substance, other than local yokels reporting on Grandma's constipation.