Monday, June 16, 2008

well, goddamn!!!

these are my kind of folks

why your "skeptical" comment on climate change got deleted

"Climate "skepticism" is not a morally defensible position. The debate is over, and it's been over for quite some time, especially on this blog.

We will delete comments which deny the absolutely overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change, just as we would delete comments which questioned the reality of the Holocaust or the equal mental capacities and worth of human beings of different ethnic groups. Such "debates" are merely the morally indefensible trying to cover itself in the cloth of intellectual tolerance.

So, if you're a climate skeptic, you may be well-intentioned and you're certainly welcome to your opinion, but we're not interested."

my thoughts exactly.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

""Climate "skepticism" is not a morally defensible position."

"these are my kind of folks"

First Enema Coulter, now you!

" not a morally defensible position."

So have spoken the all knowing PC Gods. To those Gods and their followers, I leave a hearty "Fuck You!"

I'm out of here in search of somewhere that opinions do not have to be "morally defensible.".

It sure as fuck isn't on these Blogs!!!!!!!!!

betmo said...

i don't believe that denying global climate change is a defensible position. there are ecosystems collapsing all over the world- our way of life is over. severe weather patterns in places that were temperate or even stronger patterns in flood prone or tornado prone areas. dan- you read the news. it doesn't have to be morally defensible- the scientists are screaming it from the rooftops, the flooded basements, the emergency shelters, the food distribution centers... you don't have to take my word for it.

i just don't believe that it's necessary to entertain stupidity anymore- not with global climate change or 'intelligent design' or anything that smacks of christofascisms. if that's pc, i can't help it.