Monday, June 23, 2008


thank you george carlin

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Not so many perhaps will know that Carlin started out as "Mr. Young Everything America Told Him He Should be", right down to the suit and tie, and Wildroot slicked hair.

It was later in his career that he became the "long haired revolutionary hippie commie pinko fag" And his career took it on the nose for that move. Big time. At one point, he was reduced to occasionally playing small college venues for free, in an attempt to get the "New Carlin" out.

It worked, the new Carlin spread like wildfire, and he became legend. He's one of a very few public figures I deeply admire, and respect. "The Suits" put him up against the wall a lot, and often. He never blinked. When they were done, George Carlin had his turn - and he carved them up with his tongue like a skilled surgeon.

Most of all, the great man never even considered giving in!! The harder the suits pushed, the harder George carved.

He Died A Winner!