Friday, June 20, 2008

it's friday

and i posted a little summertime haiku over at the corner. i am pooped and not up to my usually stuff and nonsense- but wanted to give a quick update nevertheless. most of my boxes are unpacked- we have to rearrange some furniture to make room for the library ;) and have been having much fun redoing some of the annoying things that the sellers did or did not do. methinks mr. and mrs. 'flip this house' watched a bit too much tv and didn't concentrate on finishing stuff correctly- like tightening screws or anchoring screws in dry wall- or tightening screws (did i say that already?) imagine my surprise when 1) i almost slid off the toilet because it wasn't battened down properly and 2) the toilet paper fell off the holder because (you guessed it) the screws weren't tightened. so, it has been an adventure but we are thrilled beyond belief. hubby and i both felt 'at home' as soon as the last box was in.

we have a daily nature show too- i feel like i am living an alfred hitchcock movie- especially at 4:30am when the little birdies wind up for the day- at full throttle. we have at least one squirrel and at least one bunny- and we have had some rain this week and cooler temps so i have been shitfully delighted by it all. amidst the cursing, of course ;) so, while it isn't 'the money pit'- there have been a few things here and there- it's a 40 year old house- and we have loved every minute of it. amidst the cursing, of course. :)

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