Saturday, June 21, 2008

it has occurred to me

that i haven't been around in the loop much of late. it doesn't mean that i haven't been thinking about the world at large- because i have. i finally made my party affiliation a non party affiliation. i no longer belong to a major party- or any party- in america. i try to adhere to what i believe in- and i have been pretty diligently trying to parse out my belief system for myself. a good friend of mine once told me that what i wanted was the entire system to grind to a halt and to scrap it and start over. and, he told me, that it wasn't realistic. i know. and he knows that i know.

much of what we have inherited of our lives has come from our parents' and grandparents' generations- the 20th century was a booming one and the western world exploded with wealth and power. folks here have lived the good life- and this country sold it's soul (and our planet) to the devil to do so. well, the devil has come to collect his due- and we are left holding the bag. sigh. however, there is much that we could do that could at least alleviate suffering of untold millions- and we won't because there isn't the political will.

this is where it gets somewhat scathing- so if you are a liberal- you may want to back away and go read kos or something. i left the democratic party because of issues i complained about going on two years ago- and all through last year. (i am not digging through my own archives to link up to the posts- i have already read all of my own stuff- but feel free. check betmo's musings first and then go from there.) the biggest issues i see with democratic politicians- they are no different than their republican counterparts. they all take corporate monies and are swayed by lobbyists. don't take my word for it- i just posted about dems making money from mercenary groups and war profiteering by the dems in congress recently- and i linked to the original stories for good measure.

the biggest issue i have with so called liberals in the democratic party- and this primary season showed it in all of it's red glory- they use the same thought patterns and tactics as the republican party. yep. misogyny, racism, smears, innuendo, insults, slurs, outright lies- and the thorough tearing down of 'the other side'- in this case fellow dems- were all present. not just on the big blogs- you know the ones hob nobbing with the democratic politicians at the same functions- but the rank and file bloggers like me and you- at each other's throats for no other reason than they wanted their candidate to win.

and what the fuck would have been the big prize? clinton or obama. both in aipac's pocket- and countless other corporate interests- obama just backed the telecom bill- couched with an exception of course in typical political maneuvering so as not to insult anyone (wouldn't want any votes to slip by for standing on principle). so, what did we win? nothing. just a stay of execution- instead of the quick death of democracy we will continue to slowly bleed to death- because obama as president won't be any different than any other president- except maybe cheney. there will still be war in iraq and afghanistan; there will still be domestic spying that the congress will continue to sanction; there will still be idiocy with homeland security and the militarization of the police state that is becoming a stronger presence by the day- why?

because the democrats want that power- they just don't have the balls to grab it for themselves. they are certainly not going to give it back. hence, the stay of execution and the slow bleeding versus the neo cons just doing whatever the hell they want to do. hence, obama, pelosi, hoyer, et al and the telecoms or impeachment or the lack of caring for the will of the people.

the democrats don't have the set needed to rise up in revolution and neither do the real republican conservatives. 'when in the course of human events' are just words on paper that has been shredded and thrown into the circular file. so, you can wheedle and whine and talk about 'lesser of two evils' but you will get nowhere with me. we have a one party system in this country and it is a corporate oligarchy. we, the people, mean exactly nothing and they laugh in our faces because they consider us the have nots- and when you look at pelosi or reid or conyers or hoyer or shumer or clinton or obama or any of the haves- you will see the little white man standing in the background pulling the strings that makes them dance- and it is attached to a checkbook.


Brother Tim said...

You got that right.

Renegade Eye said...

I'm supporting Cynthia McKinney.

I'm not in the Green Party. I think Cynthia's campaign is a vehicle to talk about issues.

She supports the Reconstruction Party based in New Orleans.

Quite frankly underneath the rhetoric, Obama is to the right of McCain on some issues.

Sarah said...

It seems the two major political parties only care about one thing - power and money.

Obama has lost his appeal with me. He's turning out to be like every other politician, which is really sad.

Larry said...

Good assessment and one that looks to never change.