Monday, June 23, 2008


closing enron loophole would drop oil prices 25-50% overnight

nine months before 9/11, bush asked nsc to FIND a way into iraq

the major oil companies return to iraq ready for action

the war for oil- not democracy

lies and more lies- military began 5 years ago with security plan in iraq

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an average patriot said...

They might say closing the loophole would help instantly but it window dressing then they would drive it up again until we gave them what they want.
I keep hearing the Democrats in Congress bring up the real issue before it is laughed off and ignored by the right and they change the subject.
In his argument Sunday Biden made it the most explicit when he said 79% of the wells and oil fields already drilled are capped and contain 54 billion gallons or oil remain fallow. Why? It is ignored and the subject changed. I am sick of the games! Make them answer straight! Hold them accountable!