Thursday, June 19, 2008


"After all, the wealthiest countries continue to show little or no interest in altering the policies that have contributed so decisively to the food crisis in the first place. Take the United States. It "ties"—places restrictions on—about 70% of its aid. That means recipient countries must use that aid to buy U.S. products, which, of course, will do little to strengthen local economies. Washington has also cut its international agricultural research by as much as 75% at a time when agricultural production is no longer keeping pace with population increases. Add in the $280 billion farm bill that Congress has just passed which, unbelievably enough, provides continued subsidies to "farmers" (read: agribusiness) already benefiting enormously from high food prices. And the European Union, like the United States, is refusing to backtrack on its commitment to boost biofuels produced from grain."

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Brother Tim said...

It's all part of the plan. The poor folks of the world that we don't kill by bombing the snot out of them, will end up starving to death.

What, exactly, does that say about the United States, and all it's 'compassionate christian' peoples?

As for the farm subsities.....AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!