Sunday, May 04, 2008

what the msm chooses to leave out

the all white elephant in the room

he brings up good points aside from the rev. wright flap. and am i still the only one who sees the continued hiring of bushco insiders and neo cons into the msm tv and papers- troubling?


an average patriot said...

Democrats are catching on! If turnabout is fair play, then John McCain critics believe his association with controversial pastors should be held to the same scrutiny as Barack Obama’s ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

After all, they point out, one of McCain’s religious supporters, John Hagee, called the Roman Catholic Church “the great whore.”

Another, Rod Parsley, referred to Islam as a “false religion” that America was called on to destroy. They're learning
I firmly believe when Obama goes after McCain head to head he will self destruct. He is just too much!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The MSM planted "the ball" and we gladly clamped on and kept it going. Meanwhile....issues. We'll get to them later, if ever. And what do you suppose The Bitch and The Black Bitch want to avoid at ALL costs?

Fuck the preachers! They aren't running for President. The two Bitches are. Hold their feet to the fire, and don't play the avoidance game they are so desperately peddling. Polls showing 100% disapproval soon cleans a clock, trust me.

Re hiring and firing. No, you aren't the only one, but us two are probably 2 out of a hundred if we're lucky, that even knows it's going on.

landsker said...

Once again, the mud is flying, religion is where it sticks, and the signs and smells point back to Israel.

Scrape away the veneer of the "important" newspaper and TV headlines and it`s soon obvious that no matter who dances in the oval office, the tune is called by a tiny minority of wealthy individuals and corporations, whose main trade seems to be oil/mining/armaments, and whose wealth and power is symbiotic with "The war machine".
However, the rest of the world, led by the Russians, is listening to a slightly different tune.

Kvatch said...

Unfortunately for us, Republicans are not stupid...well Bush aside. They know they need to control the message and the circumstances of delivery.

betmo said...

landsker, i am glad to hear that. the people battling against this machine here in america are a small minority too- and any help we can get- i am sure is useful. there is a new organization of folks here in america who are jewish and critical of aipac and the israeli policies. they want to fight the power and i find that hopeful too.