Monday, May 19, 2008

an unsuspecting blogger takes part

in something fun :) divajood tagged me for a meme that was actually kind of fun- i got to procrastinate a bit :)

One: What was I doing ten years ago?

May, 1998- i have no idea. Actually, i think i was working my butt off at my new job at the girls' group home- in fact, i believe that 2 staff had gotten canned and one was on his honeymoon- so there was just a skeleton crew to do 24 hour shifts for 8 troubled teens with behavioral problems. Did i mention that we were also battling head lice? The girls were troopers.

Two: Five things on today's to-do list.

Visit mom

go fooding

clean up kitchen in order to cook food

cook food for the week

pack stuff

Three: Things I'd do if I were a Billionaire.

I can't conceive of much i would do differently. Let's see-

make my humble abode completely self sufficient- renewable, sustainable energy; water catchment and storage; etc.

hire a personal trainer and cook to help me with the two things i don't enjoy the most- cooking and exercising

get my family a house that has no stairs- for mom.

Four: Three bad habits?

Not flossing regularly

flipping people off under the dashboard in traffic

giving an opinion when none has been asked for ;)

Five places I have lived.

New york- at home

florida- at home

new york- college

new york- different college

new york- with hubby

Five Jobs

summer camp counselor

cookie maker at mall

clerk in tuxedo shop/engraving store

supervisor girls' group home

supervisor homeless/runaway youth program

Tagging five unsuspecting bloggers.

i normally don't tag- but hey, you guys can do this one at your leisure- i don't mind :)




brother tim



Mary said...

I needed this kick in the pants. I've done zero blogging lately.
(I share some of your bad habits.)

Naj said...

I love your bad habit 1: "not flossing" ... you are INNOCENT woman!

Frederick said...

New York has got to be the most beautiful place to live in all the world. Of course I'm biased on this topic.

Sarah said...

Done : )

enigma4ever said... did so much..and the troubled brave...and so sweet about helping your mom with a one floor nice...NOT Flossing????oh my - suich a sin - lol....

I love NY....wonderful...

DivaJood said...

flipping people off under the dashboard? UNDER the dashboard? You are too kind.

Beth said...

I love these things!!!! Thanks for tagging me.

One: What was I doing ten years ago?

May, 1998- I had been back home in Ohio approximately 9 months. My husband, soon to be ex was here from Turkey so that the business of filing for divorce could be taken care of. One month later, he'd be back in Turkey and I'd be standing in front of a judge who would grant the divorce. I was working as a home health nurse. My son was 10 years old.....and I was....well, 10 years younger.

Two: Five things on today's to-do list.

Mow lawn

Plant a flat of Impatients

Clean bedroom, personal office and professional office space

Go to Library

Make a list of all the things I need to get done on my upcoming 10 day rest period.

Three: Things I'd do if I were a Billionaire.

Quit my job.

Find a spot of land with no neighbors and build an energy efficient house.

Start an animal rescue that could also function as a summer camp for foster kids during the summer. Discarded kids and discarded animals - I've always thought that would make a wonderful combination.

Help make the lives of my family easier - housing, retirement funds, school funds, etc. Don't know that I'd make them all wealthy so they could sit around and waste their lives but I'd give them a lift up so that they had the tools to do something grand.

Set up some sort of perpetuating foundation to help poor children get through school.

Three bad habits:

Reacting rather than acting. (I am way better than I used to be :)


Thinking of people I disagree with as ignorant.

Five places I have lived.

S. California





Five Jobs

Store Clerk - First job in Columbus, Ohio

Main Frame Computer Operator - while in Air Force

County Welfare Department - While in S. California

RN in St Vincent's Hospital - Little Rock, Arkansas

RN Case Manager - Insurance Company

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I might as well identify myself as a disconnected, out of it old fart once again....

"go fooding"

Certain parts of my anatomy clench in anticipation of the definition of this term I've never heard of.....